Wale Declares Himself ‘One of the Greatest Rappers of All Time’

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While the top 50 greatest rappers debate continues to heat up social media, Wale is throwing his name in the ring.

On Monday (Aug. 5), “The Brew Podcast” went viral with their “Top 50 Best Rappers of All-Time” tweet, which sparked a huge debate among hip-hop fans, who weighed in on the controversial list and shared their own rankings in turn.

After the topic trended all day, Wale decided to join the conversation on Tuesday (Aug. 6). Taking to Twitter, he said that he deserves a spot on the list.

“I’m one of the greatest rappers of all time . There I said it…” tweeted the D.C. rapper.

When a fan laughed at “one of the best,” Wale said he was just trying to be humble to avoid a larger controversy. “I come on the twitter and do the sarcasm self loathing bit… but if we bein honest … I just said one of because I’m not tryna start a riot .. I know where I’m at.. and they do to… this pen work… ‘for myself and others,’” he tweeted.

He doubled down on his statement, posting a photo of himself performing with Daniel Merriweather at Glastonbury in 2006. “The kid in the supreme doin Glastonbury in 2006 is one of greatest of all time… also shout out to Daniel Merriweather,” he wrote.

While social media continues the debate, Bun B seemed to agree with Wale. “I’ve known you since Nike Boots,” wrote the UGK veteran. “Your attention to detail separates you from the majority of MCs. A lot of your bars really go over most people’s heads. Therefore I second this statement.”

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