Watch! Emtee Addresses ‘American Accent’ Haters!

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Watch! Emtee Addresses “American Accent” Haters! The conversation on originality in Hip Hop has stood for many years. A number of rappers like Emtee have faced criticism because of their American-like accents which had some fans questioning their originality.

Emtee addressed his situation on the American accent issue on 2 videos he posted on Instagram yesterday. On one of the videos Emtee talked about his accent saying that it isn’t American but from a black-American which did not make sense to some of his fans.

“F*ck everybody that says i’m trynna be American, i’ve got an American accent whatever, whatever..b**ch you know my real accent, and anyway this accent is not American, at least appreciate the fact that it is from a black american, and also, it’s not American, It’s Hip Hop,” said Emtee.



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