WATCH : K.O Decodes Supa Dupa Music Video

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K.O’s latest single Supa Dupa reached over a million views in just 5 days of it’s release and still it continued to be on everyone’s favorite list. Since the visuals were so loved the rapper decided to release a video where he takes fans through the process of making them possible, the behind scenes of the shooting.

In the video as he calls it decoding Supa Dupa he interprets and analyzes it so people can have a better understand o fit. “I wanna thank you guys fro watching my video Supa Dupa, i wanna take you guys behind the scene and show you some of the tricks that were pulled in making the video come out the way that it did also explain the symbolism in the video itself,” said K.O.

He also showcase other elements of the song such turntables which he describes as the cycle of life and how “we are constantly trying to keep up with it and to stay away from some of our worst fears, and that’s what the girls behind me symbolize me.”


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