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April 10, 2019 WATCH: Kendrick Lamar Disses Big Sean – “You’re famous for who you date,not how you rhyme”

An old video of Kendrick Lamar throwing some stinging diss verses on Big Sean has resurfaced.

Kendrick hits Big Sean for his love life on this one with some lines going like “I think his false confidence got him inspired, I can’t make them respect you baby, it’s not my job/You’re finally famous for who you date, not how you rhyme/Cute ass raps, get your puberty up.” The raps also made reference to Sean’s debut album Finally Famous.

The single was never officially released but it seems someone got a hold of it and leaked it online. The shocking part for most is that no one knew that there was bad blood between the rappers.

Speculations online state that Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean’s beef appeared to have started after the pair collaborated on a song called ‘Control’. None of them ever were clear about why or how they suddenly became rivals.


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