Watch: Moonchild pulls down pant to show off booty again | She explains why


Gqom queen moonchild Sanelly has caused another stir again as she pulls down pants to show off booty.

In a boomerang shared on Instagram, the singer was seen showing off her booty, but the idea of pulling down her pant in other to twerk seem unclear.

Speaking with TshishaLIVE, Moonchild explains that she feels confined in her clothes that’s why she pulls down her pant.

“I can’t twerk in prison, clothes make me feel like I’m in prison.”

She also explained she was often teased for having a big bum and now people were paying for a bum such as hers. “My bum is my confidence and I love it.”

Talking about the criticism her personality has attracted over the years, she said:

“I just laugh it off, the hate means nothing to me. What matters the most is that my fans know and understand me. They are crazy, just like me.”

“I’ve been celebrating being a video h**, I’ve been celebrating my body, just that people are now only starting to pay attention.”

However, the gqom queen stands for sexual liberation and believes women should be comfortable with who they are.

“Women can’t be liberated if they are not comfortable with who they are.” 


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