WATCH: Sjava’s Zulu Reply On Question About “Legacy” Leaves A White News Reporter Dumbfounded. For years since Sjava made it to the industry as this big artist, he has made it clear that he doesn’t owe anyone good English.

Unlike people who feel embarrassed for not being good in English, the Before musican embraces the fact that it isn’t his home language.

During one of his interviews on a Morning News shows, he was interviewed by a white news reporter. The interview seemed to be coming along smoothly until the interviewer asked about legacy.

He was asked what legacy does he hope to live behind as a an artist. The award winning star simply repeated the question then ended off by asking “yini iLegacy” which means “what is a legacy”. The question was directed at the journalist.

When he got tired of people criticizing his “poor english” He made it clear that he grew up in a taxi rank they can’t expect him to speak Harvard English.

“Ngikhulele eRank futhi loko ngeke kuze kushintshe wena khuluma esakho isingisi sase havadi.” wrote Sjava. This merely translate to “I grew up at a Rank and that’s never going to change, you go ahead and speak your English from Havard.”

The recent clip still has people laughing, his reaction is priceless :


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