WATCH: Stogie T Reminisces On His Past Performance With Shakira During 2010 World Cup

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Most young people might not remember this but Stogie T once shared a stage with Colombian singer Shakira during 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa.

Shakira was one of the famous international acts to hype up the soccer world cup even made a famous timeless hit Waka Waka. She performed with a number of artists such as Freshly Ground and Stogie T who at the time used his full name Tumi Molekane.

The performance was of Hips Don’t Lie which drove both music and soccer fans crazy, when Tumi rocked up on stage it was a surprise even more so when he delivered a verse that lit up the place.

Diving down memory lane the rapper reminded even those who didn’t know that he once performed with the biggest star in music history. Stogie has managed to leave a mark wherever he went because of his talent, Sway still raves about how he is one of the most gifted MC’s he ever came across in his career.

In case you forgot or didn’t know about the 2010 world cup performance, peep through below:

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