We think we know what Bonang may be “expecting”

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We think we know what Bonang may be “expecting”

Has she changed her motto from “kill them with success” to “kill them with ambiguity”?



Bonang Matheba is undoubtedly a celebrity in the most real sense of the word. Or at least as close to the concept of “celebrity” as one can get in South Africa. All she has to do is breathe to cause a commotion.

She is well aware of this fact and often capitalizes on it to keep her name in the headlines without even having to work too hard to do so. Just take the #GirlsWithVineyards saga for example.

By Bonang’s standards, she has been relatively “quiet” for a while, which means she has been working on a few things and the hints she has been posting on the timeline mean that she is almost ready to reveal it all. Cue the tweet that got everyone excited because of the wording she chose:



But we have all learned by now, that nothing is as it seems with Ms. Matheba. In the words of Portia Gumede, she could just be talking about a new pair of Louboutins.



But, we may have an idea of what this new baby might be. We’re suspecting she may finally be doing that talk show she has always wanted with the production house that brought her reality show,[tooltip id=”4500c2f113202943ff1ae30d00c9d4ac”] [/tooltip]‘Being Bonang’ to life.

Exhibit A:



And we’re not the only ones that think so.


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Plus, Legend has been hinting that some big things are coming for Bar Leader since last year – including an international office.


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Either way, only time will tell what she is expecting.[tooltip type=”box” html=”Input Your Content Here” box_background_color=”#eeeeee” box_opacity=”0.95″ box_padding=”10″ box_border_color=”#3F3F3F” box_border_width=”1″ box_border_radius=”0″ id=”4500c2f113202943ff1ae30d00c9d4ac” /]

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