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When Will Linley says kill all my feelings he means it. His debut EP, which drops in the wake of a sold out SA tour and just ahead of a stint to Europe to support Matthew Mole, touches on just about all the feelings a boy can feel when navigating life and love. 

But the real kicker here is the sheer authenticity he pours into the pop genre. Every note is new, considered, distinctive and catchy as hell. There’s nothing remotely done about his sound, and that’s a rarity these days. All this from a guy just kicking to the surface of the scene. 

kill all my feelings is weighted in varied emotion – just about every situation one could be in when it comes to dating, well it looks like he’s been there. To be honest, we all probably have, but there’s something about Linley’s delivery that hits different. And when “all the girls” kicks things off with a chuckle and a snappy, driving, acoustic rhythm that perpetuates throughout the EP, you’ll hear it.

He gets sentimental about losing yourself in another in “miss me (when you’re gone)”, and self-deprecatingly dismissive in “i don’t wanna be yours” as he croons, “I don’t want to get too close and break your heart tonight” over the sort of snappy rhythm and orchestrated chuckles which smack of Taylor Swift-esque songwriting finesse. 

“wrong time” speaks for itself, while “kill all my feelings” aptly ties the ribbon on his emotionally zealous debut with all the trappings of a guy about to annihilate the industry.

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