Wizkid’s ‘Smile’ Is An OK Song With No Highlights Or Sparks [Review]


wizkid smile review

It’s been a couple of days since Wizkid dropped his first song in 2020 ‘Smile’. Here’s what I think about it. 

Wizkid, the king of suspense and master procrastinator at long last dropped something for his fans who have nearly gone berserk awaiting the ‘Made In Lagos‘ album. It wasn’t what fans expected (MIL album) but it is something to lighten up the spirit nonetheless while the wait and anticipation continues. 

Instead of the full body of work, we got served a new single ‘Smile’ featuring American singer H.E.R. 

The Starboy for some reasons digs deep into his artistry to churn out another dancehall tune. Dancehall is the go-to music genre for Wizkid when he is basking in some international collaborations. While exploring his long list of collaborations with ‘international’ artists, you would realize our ‘Ojuelegba’ crooner leans heavily towards dancehall  than Afrobeats. Could it be for more international appeal?

‘Smile’ at best is a decent song that shouldn’t have been released, worse still as a lead single to the gargantuan ‘Made In Lagos’ album. At the very least it should be one of those songs on the album with an international artist featured on it. 

Frankly speaking, ‘Smile’ no catch fire. There is a crazy buzz that follows many of Wizkid’s hit singles when released which did not happen with this one. ‘Joro’, ‘Soco’, ‘Fever’ his most recent hits caused an undeniable frenzy online among critics and supporters alike. At the moment, everyone’s acting like this song never happened or perhaps letting it slide away as noiselessly as possible. 

As a lead up single, ‘Smile’ fails to amplify the already heightened emotions for the album ‘Made In Lagos’. It feels like Wizkid is putting out a song that has no connection whatsoever with ‘Made In Lagos’ hence he really doesn’t care how it fares. Probably the Starboy isn’t looking out to make a hit song right before his album. 

We can all agree that the lyrics on ‘Smile’ are more coherent and meaningful which shows more effort was put into writing this. The lyrics are good. 

Ultimately, fans would have preferred something better that’s why they’re quiet. At this point no one is waiting for the new song to grow on them, they’ve quickly moved on. 

‘Smile’ would have served a better purpose as an album filler. The tune is just there with nothing to brag about – no highlights. 

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