A woman has recounted what it felt like to have died for a few hours during childbirth and her after-life experience.

The woman, Oma Okechukwu decided to share her after-life experience after she came across Dr. Maxvayshia’s story, she said just like he said, it is indeed a very beautiful place and she saw her mum who died 2 years before her experience and she had not aged one bit.

She wrote;

I read Dr @maxvayshia tweets few mins ago and I thought I should also share mine. 29th Feb. 2016 (leap year) I was admitted in a hospital in Aba, I was gonna have my son buh one thing led to another and I started bleeding profusely, I was carried to the theatre in a wheelchair.

Drip was fixed on both hands, 2 nurses kept cleaning buh the bleeding won’t stop, one sat close to me and kept slapping me, saying I should not close my eyes, I could feel my blood gushing. I looked at my palm, I was pale, then I felt another presence, by my headside

it was DEATH, I knew what it was immediately, I smiled, prayed to God, told Him his girl was coming home and that He should look after my son and his father. Slowly I began leaving this world, I was taken to another room, there were lots of scissors and machines in there

The surgeon asked the doctor who was there & has been stabbing me with injections if he can start, the guy said no, that I had no BP or pulse, a machine was connected to my finger, I’ve seen it only in American movies, ones the line is straight the person is dead, buh wavy, alive

Mine was straight, I held the surgeon’s hand and told him to start, I could read his facial expression, it was that of no hope, well, almost everything Dr Max said was same with mine, I saw beautiful people, the environment was nothing of this world, I was happy, very happy

I saw my mum, who died since 2004, she hasn’t aged a bit, she was with other woman, carrying a basket of flower and dropping it as they walked around, I was filled with joy, I called out to her, they all stopped in unison, she looked at me, I told her to wait that I’m coming

She was a bit far from me, I started running, running, she smiled at me, waved and she and others continued, I yelled while running, calling her to wait for me, well, I woke up with a room filled with 3 doctors, 2 nurses, some family members, crying, doctors shirts were torn

I was told later that I died for some hours, and that my body was getting cold blah blah blah.


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