AKA Pays Off Debt On Rolex To Avoid Repossession


AKA Pays Off Debt On Rolex To Avoid Repossession! Late last week we saw another scandal between AKA and his former business partner Prince Costinyo unveil.

After AKA left his company Beam Group, it was revealed that it was because of the misuse of funds. According to Sunday Sun, this was after AKA’s business partner Prince bought himself a Maserati worth close to a million rand. Following this news, there was then a revelation on a R370,000 Rolex he gifted AKA back in 2016.

According to AKA, the watch had been bought using his own money. It was then revealed that the watch had not been paid for in full with an outstanding amount of R166,000. Speaking to Sunday World, AKA said that he first paid R100,000 to cover the debt and then R50,000.


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