Dame Dash And Lee Daniels Settle $5 Million Loan Dispute

Dame Dash And Lee Daniels Settle $5 Million Loan Dispute

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Music mogul Dame Dash and director Lee Daniels caused quite the frenzy on social media in June 2018 when the two were seen arguing over what we would later learn was a million-dollar loan Dash gave to Daniels in order to help launch his career. After the viral moment passed, Dash filed a lawsuit looking to collect what he felt was owed to him, plus interest. Well, it turns out the two have agreed to settle that suit, TMZ reports.



As previously reported, Dash loaned $2 million to fund Daniels’ 2005 film Shadowboxer, but he never heard a word about the money again despite multiple attempts to contact the director. The lawsuit  however, was for $5 million, arguing additional damages.

Of the public incident, Daniels previously said that he thought it was a reality check for him. “I am in the position now to get it to him, so I’m going to get it to him because I think that’s the right thing to do,” he said. “It sadly took that wake-up call during Diana’s ‘Reach Out And Touch Somebody’s Hand’ for me to realize that and for me to sit with myself.”

It is unclear how much of the price Dash was seeking was paid by Daniels at this time.

Dash issued a statement to TMZ on Tuesday (Nov. 27), seemingly confirming the debt payment. “I’m good,” Dash told the celebrity site. “Just happy two people from the culture could work things out.”

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