Fans React To Jay Z’s Verse On Meek Mill’s ‘What’s Free’

Fans React To Jay Z’s Verse On Meek Mill’s ‘What’s Free’

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Fans React To Jay Z’s Verse On Meek Mill’s ‘What’s Free’! Jay Z is one of the most vocal rappers when it comes to political matters especially those that concern racism and takes the chance to layout his thoughts on Meek’s new album Championships.

The issue that caught a lot of peoples attention was Jay Z speaking on him and Kanye West considering Ye’s recent political activities supporting Donald Trump and appearing on interviews wearing the Make America Great Again cap. Jay Z had never publicly outed Kanye West despite Ye going at Jigga during a tour he had years back.

The Roc Nation boss has finally decided to publicly speak on Kanye West’s recent political activities on Meek Mill’s What’s Free with Rick Ross on his album Championships. Some Hip Hop fans saw this as though Jay Z was separating himself from Kanye whilst some rap analysts took this to be Jay Z confirming there’s no beef between the two.

“No red hat, don’t Michael and Prince me and Ye, They separate you when you got Michael and Prince’s DNA,” spat Jay Z on Meeks What’s Free. The comparison was drawn from the beef that Michael and Prince Jackson had making Jay’s line a negative of the Jackson brothers situation.


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