Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Photos Bother Kanye West

Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Photos Bother Kanye West

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The Kardashian-West household continues to give the masses good (and interesting) things to chatter about. During a recent visit to The Ellen Show, Kim Kardashian-West came solo bearing gifts to show appreciation for firefighters battling wildfires in California. A firefighter and his wife watched their home catch ablaze as they grabbed hoses and worked to put out fires in their community.



As a continuation of the philanthropic mood he’s been in lately, Kanye West had Kim deliver a check to the family on behalf of himself and his brands. “To know that you’ve lost your home,” Kim said, “Kanye, Yeezy and Adidas wanted to donate to you guys $100,000, so you guys can pick up the pieces.

That was the “good.” The eyebrow-raiser was elsewhere in the conversation when Ellen brought up Kim’s trademark risqué photographs. “You can get in trouble with your husband with too many photos like that,” Kim said, referencing the picture of her preparing baked goods in a bikini. When Ellen asked if snapshots like that usually bother Kanye, Kim confessed that they do.

“It’s like half and half,” she continued, admitting that she still does it anyway. “He always wants me to be me and confident and we’re having fun, but it also bothers him. I go through waves. Sometimes I’ll be more conservative on my Instagram and sometimes I really have to get something out, if I’m feeling good about myself or if I’ve been working out really hard and then I’ll post something and then he’ll get upset. It’s a cycle.”

Live your best life, Kim.

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