New Orleans Man Arrested For Threatening To Blow Up Bathroom


A New Orleans man found himself in police custody after threatening to blow up a restaurant bathroom. However, the 30-year-old claims he wasn’t talking about actual bombs, but instead his bowls.

Arthur Posey entered Willie’s Chicken Shack on Canal Street Nov. 13, and employees say Posey made threats alleging his bomb would shut down the establishment.

“Y’all about to close right now, because I’m going to get a bomb and blow this place up,” Posey allegedly said to the female employee. She then called her manager who advised her to call local police.

However, when police tracked down Posey he swore it was just one big misunderstanding, and he wasn’t going to”blow up the bathroom” per se, instead, he really meant he was going to go number two.

According to TMZ, cops didn’t believe Posey, and he’s now facing two counts of communicating false information of a planned person. Another employee said Posey was “going to get a bomb and put it under the middle table of the restaurant closest to the front door.”

Posey’s due back in court later this month where he will face a judge and try to explain that he was just full of sh*t…literally.

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