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June 7, 2019 RJ Unleashes Bars About The Struggle On His “Apartment” Single & Visual

RJ Unleashes Bars About The Struggle On His “Apartment” Single & Visual

No longer rolling with 400 Summers, Cali rapper RJmrLA is embracing the next step in his career with a brand new album called On God, set to drop this summer via EMPIRE.“The phrase ‘on God’ has been used in urban society an ample amount of times as somewhat of a promise or basically giving your word that your statement is true,” RJ explained to Complex regarding the album’s title. “So instead of saying I swear to God we’re saying I put my word ‘on God.’”

To coincide with the news, RJ has also released a video to accompany the project’s first single, “Apartment.” “‘Apartment’ describes my upbringing and the roots from which my music stems from,” he says. “We decided to release this song first because it gives brief details on the environment that molded our mentality, and being that the album is called On God it’s only right that we christen our listeners with some truth.”

RJ raps about growing up in the projects, in apartments where his “granny was the landlord,” and how all his “n*ggas in apartments” now. The video opens with the rapper spitting bars in a laundromat, and moves to a scene shot in a parking lot filled to the brim with RJ and his gang. The LA rapper heavily reps his bloods gang affiliation by wearing (and having his homies in the video wear) a full red paisley ensemble. 

Quotable Lyrics: 

Man i grew up in apartments where my granny was a landlord
And the windows had bars like a metaphor
Basketball, I learned in the alley we playing half court
No net, just a rim and a backboard

June 7, 2019 Pharrell Williams X Adidas NMD HU “Gum Pack” First Look

Pharrell Williams X Adidas NMD HU “Gum Pack” First Look

The latest Pharrell NMD will come in two colorways.

When Adidas started to take over the sneaker game back in 2016, one of the most popular silhouettes they brought to the table was the Boost-injected NMD. The lifestyle shoe was then given a makeover by Pharrell Williams with the Adidas NMD Human Race. This is easily one of the most popular and successful collaborations in recent memory that has seen a multitude of packs come out over the last couple of years. While there hasn’t been a big Human Race release in a while, that might be about to change as the Instagram user @yankeekicks came through with some interesting photos yesterday. 

In the posts below, the sneaker account suggests that there is a “Gum Pack” coming out for the Adidas NMD Human Race and that there will be two colorways, including one black and one pink. As the name would suggest, each shoe has a gum outsole while the midsole is made of white boost. The pink pair says “SUN” and “CALM” on the upper while the black pair says “INFINITE” and “SPECIES.” 

As of right now, there is no official information from Adidas regarding this sneaker so stay tuned for any updates. 

June 7, 2019 Eminem Dissed By Tee Grizzley On His New Album “Scriptures”

Eminem Dissed By Tee Grizzley On His New Album “Scriptures”

Eminem is bound to respond to the song.

Eminem is a legend in and outside of his city. Detroit’s rap scene would not be as highly-regarded as it is without Slim Shady’s contributions. If you take a survey of the new school rappers from the D though, the majority of them either don’t listen to Em, don’t share his experiences, or flat out don’t like the rapper. A few weeks ago, Sada Baby made headlines when he said that Eminem definitely did not crack his Top 5 Detroit rappers of all time list. Instead, he added DeJ Loaf, Big Sean, Tee Grizzley and others to the count. As for Tee Grizzley, he didn’t necessarily put together a whole chart of who’s the best in his city but he said enough for us to safely assume that Eminem isn’t at the top for him either.

Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

On his new song “No Talking,” Tee Grizzley takes aim at Eminem during his fast-paced rhyming session. Speaking on the landscape of Detroit rap, Grizz says, “I run Detroit, n***as talkin’ ’bout Eminem/Talking that shit, I kill you, him, and him/I made a M, then I made a M again, slow down/Check that score n***a, blow out.”

Of course, Tee doesn’t go into detail about why he’s singling out Em but considering his name always gets brought up in Detroit rap conversations, it might be time for someone like Tee Grizzley to take on the torch.


June 7, 2019 Stephen A. Smith Roasted For DeMarcus Cousins “Backside” Comments

Stephen A. Smith Roasted For DeMarcus Cousins “Backside” Comments

Smith came through with some bizarre commentary.

Stephen A. Smith is easily one of the most entertaining sports analysts out there and thanks to his ESPN show First Take, there are always plenty of highlights that paint Smith in a funny light. Whether he’s using his infamous “stay off the weed” phrase or buying into the baby filter memes, Smith is always out here providing endless entertainment for sports fans across the world.

During a recent segment about Golden State Warriors star DeMarcus Cousins, Smith went on one of his signature rants which eventually caught the attention of fans thanks to his comments on Cousins’ “backside.” Yes, that’s right, Smith decided it would be a good idea to talk about how big Cousins’ butt is out on the court. 

“He’s got a backside that would make some ladies look anorexic,” Smith said while receiving a healthy dose of laughs from the crowd.

Of course, as soon as this clip made its way to the internet, Twitter did its thing and flooded the comments section of First Take’s post with memes and some hilarious reactions to Smith’s comments. By now, fans should be used to what Smith has to say but when you’re commenting on a player’s butt, you should probably expect some roasting.