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AKA Reveals He Was About Marry Bonang When They Broke Up

  AKA Reveals He Was About Marry Bonang When They Broke Up! On AKA’s new single Sweet Fire which is currently one of the most played songs on iTunes at the moment, he is clearly spilling out his heart and regrets. In the first two lines of the song AKA says “I remember when I used to cav’ you, I was tryna get a W damn” and this caught some peoples attention given the current situation between him and Bonang. Although the lines seem to be hiding their true meaning, he basically says that he was going to marry Bonang if they hadn’t broken up when they did. The rapper shows that he has moved on in the second verse when he says “Now I’m finna burst your bubble/ All the bad bads gon sub you”. Here are some pointers from AKA’s “Sweet Fire”. 1. All I ever wanted was to be y

Find Out How Long Kwesta’s ‘Spirit’ Has Been On Number 1 On Overall Charts!

  Find Out How Long Kwesta’s ‘Spirit’ Has Been On Number 1 On Overall Charts! The amount of support that the Spirit song has been getting ever since it came out is amazing. It has been topping the charts for the longest time in 2018. “Spirit” came out late last year as a single and has been on number 1 for the past 10 weeks which is extraordinary under any circumstances. Not only has the song been topping charts, It has been the most played song in South Africa. It has been the most played song on radio for 3 consecutive weeks. The video has been on YouTube for about two weeks and has reached over half a million views. “There people who don’t want our CULTURE on your TV screens, but we won’t allow them to kill the #SpiritMusicVideo ft. @Wale!” tweeted Kwesta.   Read more

Nadia Nakai Weighs In On Cassper Snubbing Awards!

  Nadia Nakai Weighs In On Cassper Snubbing Awards! Nadia Nakai recently talked about the whole Cassper Nyovest snubbing the SAMA’s on The Drive. She Explained how those kind of decisions were made at her label. According to Nadia, it is because of personal reasons that Cassper did not submit his music to the SAMA’s for nomination. “At the end of the day it’s his decision what he wants to do with his music. If you want to submit or you don’t that is up to you, as an artist.” said Nadia. Nadia also said that Cassper does not impose any of his thoughts onto his Family Tree artists. She said that she would carry on submitting her music for the award ceremonies. “I am in a different point in my career when compared to him. He’s accomplished so much in his career that maybe he feels he like he can do st

AKA Explains Why Sampling Is Important Amid Hugh Masekela’s Death!

  AKA Explains Why Sampling Is Important Amid Hugh Masekela’s Death! There have been a number of conversations on the samples AKA has used in the past with his Chart topping songs like “All Eyes On Me” and Caiphus Song. AKA explained in a recent tweet how important it is to pass the music onto the next generation. He said that the passing of legends Phiri and Masekela, it has never been more important. The rapper used this as an opportunity to address the issue of the samples he has used. “And That Is Why Sampling Is So Important To The Culture!!!” tweeted AKA. The rapper recently released his latest “Life On The Road” episode. There is a scene were he talks to his father on the phone on the episode. He thanked his father for familiarizing him to legendary musicians from Africa.  

‘Black Panther’ Is Already On Track To Gross Nearly $120 Million In Debut Week...

  Black Panther is undoubtedly the most anticipated feature film of 2018. The film doesn’t premiere until early Feb. 2018, but it’s already projected to perform wonderfully at the box office. Ryan Coogler’s film is reportedly on track to open with anywhere from $100 to $120 million at the North American box office in its debut week, according to pre-release surveys.   The projections may have something to do the number of advance tickets selling out on Fandango and other ticketing sites. According to reports, Black Panther sold more tadvance tickets than Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War with $179 million in sales during its 2016 opening.   As previously reported, Black Panther stars Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa, aka Black Panther, Lupita Nyong’o, M

Katt Williams To Make A Cameo In ‘Atlanta’ Season Two

  Katt Williams may have had a tough year in 2016, but it looks like things are really starting to turn around for the comedian. In addition to recently dropping his own Netflix special, “Great America,” the star also revealed that he is set to make a cameo in the popular comedy series, Atlanta.   The comedian dropped the details in a new interview with Comedy Hype when asked about his future television gigs. “I’m always looking for more film and TV opportunities. More specifically opportunities that will allow me to tackle the kinds of roles that I’ve yet to tackle,” he explained. “I always want to challenge myself to bring something unique to whatever project that I agree to be a part of. As of right not, I’m three project deep into 2018; I’m filming a m

Justin Timberlake Dips Into His Tennessee Grassroots Side With “Say Something” Video     The roll out leading up to the release of Justin Timberlake’s forthcoming album, Man of the Woods continued, with a new video. The singer recently dropped the visuals for his collaborated track “Say Something” with Chris Stapleton.   In the 6-minute video, JT is seen scene roaming the halls of a large mansion or warehouse, that somewhat resembles the maze-like layout of Hogwarts. Interestingly, the Timberlake, Stapleton, and the choir that randomly pops up on the stairways are singing live in the video, which adds another layer of authenticity to it.   The new visuals is a tame departure his previously released work. The video comes shortly after Timberlake dropped the ones for “Supplies” and “Filthy.” Both mimicked episodes of Black Mirror, playing with futuristic gadgets and themes. The “Supplies” video also subtly commented on the Me Too movement as well as Donald Trump’s presidency. Jus

Cassper Invited To Speak At Africa’s Number 1 Business School!

  Cassper Invited To Speak At Africa’s Number 1 Business School! A lot of people think being a rapper pertains only the music side of things. Cassper has proven how far business plays in being a Hip Hop artist. The Family Tree boss’s story was a case study at the Gordons Institute of Business Science – Africa presented by a group of students at the institution. He gave a lecture on building businesses that are able to survive harsh situations. The rapper also talked about brand management and leadership sharing his expertise. Cassper tweeted on the matter showing his gratitude and excitement to be involved in the affair. “What this group did was really a brave effort to decolonize the typical business school curriculum. Who ever thought Hip Hop would take it this far?,” tweeted Cassper.  

Hip Hop Culture Banned By Authorities In China!

  Hip Hop Culture Banned By Authorities In China! To a lot of Hip Hop fans all around the world, Hip Hop is more than just the music. It is the culture that comes with the music which has evolved over the years. According to Sina a Chinese news outlet ,anything that depicts Hip Hop or dispirited culture will not show on television from now on-wards. TV stations were presented with a set of rules which do not allow them to play any Hip Hop related content on their airwaves. Chinese and American rappers like Wang Hao and Kodak Black have already been removed from the TV stations. If you’re a Hip Hop fan hoping to go to China better learn to live without your favorite rapper.    

Cassper Calls YFM Bullies, Find Out Why!

  Cassper Calls YFM Bullies, Find Out Why! Cassper Nyovest has been vocal over the years about how cooperate structures work in SA Hip Hop, especially when it comes to receiving airplay. He has been one of the most impactful artists in SA Hip Hop with chart topping hits in the last couple of years but still complains when it comes to receiving airplay. According to Cassper, his latest single “Baby Girl” is the ninth most played song in South Africa at the moment. This statement had one of his fans wondering why the song wasn’t on YFM. “@Yfm doesn’t play my music cause SABC1 sponsored #FillUpFnbStadium and I tweeted about it and now they want me to apologize. They are a very strong platform that I used to love but they are Bullies!!! We gone Stay Shinning though,” tweeted Cassper responding to th

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