Will Smith Pranks Lewis Hamilton During Abu Dhabi Race


As Will Smith basks in the 50-and-up-crowd, the actor has checked off multiple items on his bucket list. His latest accomplishment is the F1 Grand Prix race in Abu Dhabi.

During his attendance at the sporting event, the former Fresh Prince star made quite the noise on Instagram. Why you may ask? He held pro-race car’s world champion, Lewis Hamilton, hostage in a recorded skit with Michael Bay (who directed Smith in Bad Boy) as the videographer.

“Here’s the deal. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, man. You’ve already won, man. Save stuff for other people. You black. I’m black. Ain’t nobody gonna know the difference,” Smith said to Hamilton.

The video ends with a tied up Hamilton, yelling to Smith as he walks out the room: “You better win, man!”

After the race, Hamiton discussed the moment at a news conference, saying, “We had an unconventional weekend, as yesterday morning we were filming something with FIFA and Sony. Then this morning, we did various stuff with Will,” he said per ESPN.

Hamilton gives props to the Independence Day star, saying, “Will is the original hype man, he is hyper, he brings a lot of energy. He is really like a big brother to me.”

“We were doing some filming and stuff like 10 minutes before I got in the car, which I never do, as that is usually the period of time I get ready, so I was going into the race having completely changed my pattern,” Hamilton added.

Check out a few clips below.

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