39 YouTube channels linked to Iranian influence campaign has been taken down by Google


Google took down 39 YouTube channels linked to Iranian influence campaign




Google today disclosed details about its ongoing efforts to combat influence campaigns from foreign governments and other forms of election interference, with the company outlining its recent ban of 39 YouTube accounts linked to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. Google’s announcement comes on the heels of Facebook’s admission earlier this week that it identified and deleted more than 600 accounts linked to both Iran and Russian that were coordinating influence campaigns on the platform by posting politically charged content.According to Walker, Google collected evidence that linked the operators of 39 YouTube accounts — as well as six blogs on its self-publishing platform Blogger and 13 Google+ accounts — to the IRIB. The YouTube accounts only generated a little more than 13,000 views. Although Google says it cannot share concrete evidence with the public because its working closely with law enforcement, it describes the information linking these operations to Iran as
related to domain ownership and account metadata. Google says the operation has been ongoing since January of 2017


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