Christmas jolly: You get more with VIP Express Tourism Limited now

Christmas jolly: You get more with VIP Express Tourism Limited now

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‘You get more with VIP Express Tourism Limited



The word ‘explore’ means to search and to discover, to learn and to travel to a new place. It means to study about or become familiar with it. VIP Express Tourism Limited wants you to explore! We are more than a top international travel and tourism company that offers high quality vacation accommodation services.

Another very strong word with special meaning to VIP Express Tourism Limited is ‘family’, it means to feel secure, to have someone to count on to share your problems and most importantly it means to have respect and responsibility for each other.

More time with family

VIP Express Tourism Limited explores the world to share with families. We help you to create memories! Every individual creates their memories through experiences in life and they remind us of important people, events and special places as well as quality time spent with loved ones. We promote spending your valuable time with your loved ones, your family, and to cherish every moment you have.

VIP Express Tourism Limited focuses specifically on quality family vacations as we value the strong bond of families. By offering these quality vacation accommodation services VIP Express Tourism Limited strengthens bonds between families, reduce stress and improve longevity. Our services are designed to appeal to every generation from children to grandparents, offering a mix of rest and adventure for the whole family.

We receive hundreds of testimonials from our members every year and share them on our website. Read a testimonial from an esteemed VIP Express Tourism Limited member:

“My name is Christian Ifeanyi and I am a Royal Member of VIP Express Tourism Ltd. I joined VIP Express in November 2016 and I can categorically say that was one of the best decision have made in life. Not only was I able to go on an enviable holiday with my dear newly wedded wife to Kenya, I was given the choicest of rooms overlooking the Indian Ocean which culminated in ecstatic romantic stay that produced a beautiful female offspring. The 7 days trip changed my entire orientation of the African space. Places like Fort Jesus, Bombolulu and the safari were experiences I never thought would be possible until my path crossed with VIP Express.

The organization of the company is top notch and their attention to details is far ahead of others. Another aspect of the company I want to testify about is the referral incentives they give to members who by word of mouth tell other people about the company. I personally have told several folks who have gone on to become members of VIP Express, joining different levels and also achieving their travel dreams and telling others. I received and still receive incentives from the company from telling others. I must say that I am super thrilled and will continue to partner with the company to see greater rewards. I want to thank the management of VIP Express for bringing to reality the dreams of a young adult. Thank you.”

More freedom

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy freedom, and freedom is the prerequisite to happiness. There is no guaranteed route to financial freedom but VIP Express Tourism Limited’s ‘referral programme’ is close. With this programme members stand a chance to earn a passive secondary income through referral marketing, or word-of-mouth marketing. When members refer others to VIP Express Tourism Limited, who subsequently become members, we work out a commission percentage that is then given to the member who gave us the referral. This is our way of thanking our members for helping us in recommending our company’s products and services to their friends and colleagues.

More options

VIP Express Tourism Limited members have access to over 5000 fantastic portfolio of stunning international holiday resorts and accommodation. Not only does VIP Express Tourism Limited provide the lifestyle enrichment experience, it also provides the means to afford that lifestyle. VIP Express Tourism Limited wants you to have fun wherever you go. Whatever you consider ‘vacationing’ to be; shopping, skiing, swimming, fishing, sight-seeing, hiking, horseback riding, or simply relaxing. We can help you fulfil that dream.

More winners

Members also have access to special host functions, promotions and competitions to win a variety of prize giveaways. Over the last ten years these prizes have included cash, cars, microwaves, refrigerators, televisions and holidays to mention only a few. One of our promotions called ‘Win Back Your Money’ offered members the opportunity to win back the money they spent on becoming a member.

It has been a wonderful day. The joy has no bounds. We are so happy, we never expected it. Thank you to VIP Express Tourism Limited who made it possible for us. We are telling every about VIP Express Tourism Limited.– Dr. & Mrs. O’Brien A. Chukwu

Another exciting competition was our Car give away in 2010 won by Mr & Mrs Alayande in Abuja and Ford EcoSport competition in 2016 where two members each won a brand-new car that changed their lives.

“We were introduced to attend a seminar organised by VIP EXPRESS TOURISM LTD. We were pleasantly surprised when we were informed that we have won a FORD ECOSPORT SUV as a result of a “promo” conducted for all who attended the seminar. Once again, thank you for changing our status in society. GOD BLESS YOU.” – Mr. & Mrs Ugo Ochulor

Our website features a section that is dedicated to our lucky competition winners and members. Feel free to go and have a look now – CLICK HERE.

More dreams

Make your holiday dreams come true; dreamers across the world will be looking for inspiration to celebrate the upcoming holiday season filled with adventure and family fun.

Get your family together and join VIP Express Tourism Limited to be able to afford quality leisure time together. VIP Express Tourism Limited provides the exact opportunities that you need. Take advantage of our Dubai promo and treat your family to the best this holiday season – DUBAI PROMO.


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