Metele’s massacre: APC nurtures corruption like baby – Group


A non-governmental organisation, Advocacy for Advancement of Peace and Harmony in Africa Initiative (ADAPHAI) has slammed the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, over the reported death of many soldiers in Metele, Borno State recently.

The group, in a press statement signed by its National Coordinator, Comrade Sulaimon Suberu, said contrary to what APC preaches as its stance against corruption, the party by the scenario that currently played out at the front line, nurtures corruption like a baby.

It insisted that corruption, rather than providence was responsible for the death of the military personnel, saying military authority had made soldiers to “fight with their flesh in lieu of weapons”.

The group added that the outbursts of some soldiers on their perilous condition at the war front in a footage that had gone viral indicated that the Muhammadu Buhari led administration was only fighting political foes in the guise of fighting corruption.

According to the group, the issue of confronting well armed insurgents with obsolete weaponry, despite the huge resources allocated to security in the 2018 budget remained a pointer to the fact that the ruling APC was either not in control or deceiving Nigerians.

It expressed shock on what he described as indolence of presidency in tackling corruption and National security, arguing that the administration was too weak and inertia to the extent of allowing the ruling elite to turn Boko Haram insurgency into big ventures.

“The massacre of patriotic Nigerian soldiers in Metele, Borno state not only exposed the bastardized and corrupt Nigerian security architecture, it also portrayed the APC government as erratic and deceptive.

“How can you expect Nigerians to trust a government that talks with a speed of light and act with a speed slower than that of snail, a government that speaks with two sides of its mouth?

“This is the government that widely announced to Nigerians that Boko Haram insurgents had been technically defeated, and that they were being uprooted from their major abode in Sambiza, but unfortunately, all these claims have been turned out to be sheer falsehood.

“Instead of experiencing relative peace in the front line states, the reports coming from the zone is scary and discouraging, a total opposite of what the Federal Government is dishing out to Nigerians; this is indeed pathetic.

“It is more disturbing when the bane of success in the fight against insurgency is endemic corruption on the part of military authority under the nose of a government whose acclaimed greatest achievement has been war against corruption”, the statement said.


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