WSTRN “Maggie & Stardawg” Is A Mason Jar Of Summer Vibes Unleashed

Akelle Charles, Haile and Louis Rei are back at it again.

The odd-couple striking a balance: we’ve all heard that one before. WSTRN fits the description perfectly, their rap/song cadence always coming off natural, regardless of the temperate conditions. Days ago, the platinum-selling trio repping West London unveiled the music video for their latest single “Maggie & Stardawg.”

Sure the concept doesn’t embody anything they haven’t touched on in the past. But when the focus is setting a summery mood, there’s little need to re-invent the wheel or cover new ground. By the looks of it, Haile Rei, arguably the group’s leading figure, if not its most distinguishable voice, sits atop a Wraith as if it were a plaything convertible. What’s not to love about a Rolls Royce rushing through the ends like the Popemobile during wading through a mob of Roman Catholics. The numbers don’t lie: 250 million global streams is a strong indication of what the North American crowd has been sleeping on thus far. Don’t get gassed, check out the “Maggie & Stardawg” video and their previous single “Medusa” while you’re at it.

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