Yang 21’s “Quickie EP”: the sex playlist for 3 minute men!


Quick one, how do you choose the music for you and madam(s)?

Personally, I don’t have time to put together a playlist, so I just look for any on the internet and run with it. But there is a fundamental problem, sometimes the music outruns the sex and there you are making moves that would upset Blaqbonez because Sex over Love anyday!

So, I stumbled on an EP from an artiste called Yang 21 and this one solves the problem mentioned above just as the name of the project implies.

The EP titled Quickie features 3 songs with the longest there being One minute and 32 seconds. The entire offering runs for 3 minutes and 33 seconds.

YANG 21 is direct with his intentions. This volume is not about love or affection but a deliberate move to make it rain in between her legs. Like the tracklist says he is coming for HER BODY to make it DRIPPING, he is not here for all that you’re the “butterfly in my stomach” bs because LOVE IS BROKEN.

Blaqbonez would be proud, the disciples are emerging. Sex over love.

This is one for those early morning quickies. Not too long, direct and straight to a climax.

Listen HERE and tell us what you think!

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