Ycee and AKA Brawl on Twitter Over Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa

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Ycee has taken to his Twitter to call his contemporary AKA for his previous inciting remarks that could have stirred more distrust between South Africans and Nigerians.

The Nigerian rapper backed up his tweets with a screenshot of AKA’s disturbing comments, in which the South African rapper moaned about having to frequently lose to Nigerians during competitions. And this comes amid the recent murder of foreign nationals, especially Nigerians, in South Africa and the destruction of their properties.

“I don’t rate South African men at this point … and I’m not trying to create any form of animosity between us and them (that they don’t already feel against us) It is really sad that In 2019 Xenophobia is what we are still facing and discussing as a problem,” Ycee tweeted.

He continued, “There is this subtle dislike that a lot of them (If not all) feel towards Nigerians and no matter how hard they try to hide it .. it eventually jumps out – like when AKA had a full childish grown man tantrum when they lost to Nigeria in the nations cup.”

“Worst part of this thing is South Africans (or any other foreign nationals) will never feel unsafe in Nigeria. We even treat foreigners better than we treat ourselves, which I believe needs to change. The rest of the world doesn’t respect us Cos we don’t respect ourselves. Our government needs to do a whole lot better and treat this matter with urgency, the same urgency we used to fight apartheid with them in the past,” he added.

His passionate comment stirred heated reactions, with AKA rising to defend himself, saying that his tantrum was serely about a healthy sibling rivalry, never meant to stirred distrust or conflict among the two nations.

“South Africa and Nigeria is the continent’s BIGGEST RIVALRY … a SIBLING RIVALRY because we are brothers and sisters … I also hate losing to Australia for fucks sake. Let’s pull together as Africans and stop dividing ourselves. This whole narrative is stupid!!!” said AKA.

But Ycee stood his ground, reminded him of the danger every disingenuous comment poses, especially knowing the frequent attacks and murder of Nigerians in South Africa.

See their tweets below:

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