You Should Check Out Fleeqy’s ‘Excuse Me’ Single

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It is always interesting to see an artist in the infancy of their career because they have to find a sound that separates them from the crowd whilst still being authentic to themselves. Fleeqy is an interesting artist to look at in this regard. On a surface level, ‘Excuse Me’ is a rather simple song. There isn’t a whole lot going on in the production and it almost feels empty but when Fleeqy starts rapping you understand that the production being this way is more of a stylistic decision. The production being stripped down to its skeleton gives Fleeqy’s bars a chance to shine. I think all of the punchlines in this song would have gone over my head had there been more going on because I would have gotten caught up in the vibe of the song, whereas right now I find myself chuckling to myself because of some of the things she says on the song. I am really interested to see where she goes with this and what type of artists she will develop into because I think we have only just scratched the surface with her. 

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