YoungstaCPT Releases his highly anticipated Debut Album “3T”

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With 30 mixtapes, six EP’s, two collaboration albums and numerous accolades under his belt including “Lyricist of The Year” YoungstaCPT has finally released his debut album 3T which stands for Things Take Time and as we know all good things come to those who wait. 

It is an album which will take his audience on a journey through his life and a history lesson of the Coloured Culture which hasn’t been fully understood through Africa or the world. 

3T is an album about surviving and overcoming struggle but also being patient and stead fast in achieving one’s goals and dreams. Throughout the album he highlights the past and present generational stories of Cape Town. Those whose stories haven’t been told and have already passed on from the Earth to those who are still living but are reckless and wild. 

3T was conceptualised between 2012 & 2013 when he made his mixtape ‘FREEZ3 TIME’ which was intended to be his album and included a track titled, 3T. It never took off as an album but it was definitely a stepping stone for solidifying his name as an artist who could produce a solid body of work. Fast forward to 2019 and we finally have his debut album consisting of 22 tracks from various producers and narrated by his grandfather. 

As the Voice of The Cape, he has a lot to say and it was important for YoungstaCPT to add something new to hip hop, which has become an overcrowded market. Aside from Cape Town’s cultural & historic landmarks, the locals have been discarded so for him to tell their story has become his responsibility.

“With most of my music my intention is to educate. Cape Town has a lot to offer culturally from food to language and being that I was raised on a lot of 90s hip hop, conscious messages always spoke out to me and guided me through life. I want to play that same role in the youths lives. They’re so influenced by today’s celebrities and personalities and since I fall in that category I feel it’s my duty to make music with substance, yes I want people to dance, but at the same time who says we can’t learn. There are enough artists rapping about the same monotonous topics, I might as well take the risk…” – YoungstaCPT  

YoungstaCPT has enlisted his regular collaborators to the realm of production and super woman Kay Faith on Engineering duties.

“With J-Beatz it’s been a journey we did SALUTAS in 2014 and since then it’s been hit after hit. PsykoBeats, Kay Faith and I have a good bond and they both know me musically.
I’ve made solo projects with almost every producer on my album from Maloon TheBoom to Loopsta to Ganja Beatz, so it’s my way of giving them a stake in my album. New producers like Egypt, Luc Veermeer & Michaelson are responsible for key songs on the album. This is the first project I’ve taken full control of in terms of the sound so my beat selection has been very similar but each producer has their own spin on it.”

The album only has two features, Robert Black and Kay Faith and most notably his grandfather, Mr. Shaakie Roberts who narrates throughout the album and is also on his album artwork. 

I always had him in mind as the narrator for my album. As a child he told me many things about his life that amazed me, I mean we’ve all heard our elders speak about life in ‘their time’ and to an extent they’re allowed to boast about it because they survived. A lot of the youth disregard the elderly but yet we can acquire so much knowledge from them because there’s no substitute for experience. I feel like if I didn’t let the world hear his stories, me explaining it wouldn’t do justice. Our grandparents lived incredible lives before technology and mass media so for me to have a conversation with him was something I’ve always wanted to capture because some of what he said was so unbelievable but I could also relate in certain ways because South Africa hasn’t changed much for people of colour.

By including my grandfather I want people to appreciate their parents and their grandparents, so they themselves can understand what it took for us to live ‘free’ in today’s society…

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