YSN Flow Explains The Importance Of Chocolate Milk & Red Bull In His Diet


YSN Flow shows off his essentials on the latest episode of “In My Bag.”

Ohio-based recording artist YSN Flow isn’t much of a bag guy but for the purposes of this video, he decided to show off some of his essentials for the camera. The 17-year-old recently starred in the most recent episode of In My Bag, unpacking his Coach-branded backpack and listing off some of the most important items that he keeps on him every single day.

The teenager generally goes with his Coach backpack but he also recently picked up a couple of Louis Vuitton hold-alls, which we’ll likely be seeing a lot of on his social media handles. While he may prefer to go bagless most days, Flow showed off what he usually carries on his person, starting with a fresh pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers– or, as he likes to call them, Bricks. Of course, he proceeded to pull out his phone charger, which has been a consistent item during the history of In My Bag

The rapper also points out how he tries to keep his possessions in line with his brand, mainly picking up orange clothing and accessories. 

Most interestingly, Flow explained the importance of Red Bull and chocolate milk in his diet, claiming that he needs both beverages during his studio sessions.

“Red Bull, this sh*t really work,” said Flow. “I seen a old trucker n***a coming out the gas station with like ten of these, that was my first time getting one. Red Bull goes crazy so I keep a Red Bull on me. Chocolate milk keeps your brain going, for real. I don’t even use my phone at the studio so it just be Red Bull, some chocolate milk, and maybe some chips.”

Watch the rest of YSN Flow’s episode of In My Bag above and let us know who you would like to see on the show next.

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