Yum Yuck’s latest single, “Wormwood”, is exuberant and straight outta the ’90s – Texx and the City


Yum Yuck burns all his proverbial bridges in his latest single, “Wormwood”. Well, sort of. The track is really about cutting ties and letting go – which, in doing so, requires a couple of burned bridges. Searing and exuberant, “Wormwood”, released though Platoon, outlines just how important it is to do what you want to do. 

Pivoted off a decidedly ’90s synth and guitar backbone, the track navigates a nostalgia-soaked sound. The sort which automatically brings The Cure, circa 1992 (if you know, you know) to mind. A singular guitar line backs up his varied vocalism, which also veers in favour of the muffled vocal tones synonymous with the era.

“This summer I’ll burn some bridges/ and those fires can light my cigarette,” he sings with almost unexpected malice. But it’s not malice, not really. It’s an ode to turfing out the old and stale in favour of the new and fresh. And if that includes people, so be it. We’ve all been there. 

With characteristic flair and versatility, Yum Yuck once again shines an effortlessly catchy light on a topic of the times.

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