October 26, 2021
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Yung Bleu Accused Of Keeping Son From BM: Report

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The woman took to social media to call him out, calling his behavior “clown sh*t.”

He is poising himself as the next R&B-Hip Hop artist to take over the charts, but Yung Bleu’s personal life has hit a snag. The singer has spoken about his current relationship and being happy with his leading lady, but it looks as if the mother of one of his children is unhappy with their arrangement and took to social media to call him out.

In a lengthy post, she accuses Bleu of keeping their son from her during her time of mourning.

“@Bleuvandross you’re a whole ***** and a half. The stunt you’re pulling is absolute CLOWN SH*t!!!!” she wrote. “You see what I’m going through, you know i’m hurting and how i just lost my mom.Why would you refuse to let me get my son so can I hug and hold him for comfort.I have nobody by my side right now and it’s so f*cked up. This man so cold hearted he really hang the phone up in my face after i told him i needed to be close to Corbin.Imagine losing you mom and be treated this way.”

Following her post, the public reportedly sent her some not-so-nice comments, and the woman lamented over the double standard. She said that society is “brainwashed” because “they only feel a type of way whenever the mom keeps the child from the dad.” However, “the mom receives tremendous backlash and called every name in the book.” She didn’t specify their custody arrangement. 

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