Zingah On ‘Still Alive’ Verse Were He Takes Shots At Rappers

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Zingah On ‘Still Alive’ Verse Were He Takes Shots At Rappers! A little over a week ago we saw Zingah clear the air about the tension between him and Riky Rick saying that he had talked to him and they had squashed their problems.

Zingah went on to talk about his Still Alive verse explaining why he made the verse saying that he was simply stating his presence in the game.

“A show hit me up for the freestyle, late last year because for me when I make music now I’m always like talking about whats going on I never like I never wanna rap about just rap anymore. So I felt like that had to be like a rap about rap verse because it was a cypher, so I rapped about rap, like what I felt was going on,” said Zingah in a recent interview on Absolute Hip Hop.

He went on o say “And also it was a statement of oh ok I’m here now, let’s do it for real”. The rapper took shots a number of rappers on the track like Riky Rick and CashTime members.

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